Sunday, February 11, 2007

Saturday Run Recap...

Sat. Run Recap:
Wayne discussed the importance of wearing a heart rate monitor while training. Also, checking your resting heart rate every morning(before you get up) is a good indicator if you are rested or not! Ex) If your Heart Rate is normally 45bpm and then suddenly the next day your Heart Rate jumps up by 10 beats, this could be an indicator that you are overtrained or getting sick. It gives you the heads up to take it easy.

Weekly Run Gossip:

On the Sat. long run the main group dropped their run leaders.......they must have down 9miles and not 7miles.

Jennifer contracted a STD while taking a pee break(in the sex dirt pit).

What runner wanted to be a professional baseball player?

Perry might be in love.

It is official: The Big Kahuna is coming out on our runs; eventhough he is riding his bike.

Next Run:
Feb. 14th Weds 6:15 for more HILLS!!!!! Because it is Valentine's Day: special Triple Chocolate Reload Recovery Smoothie will be served by Yvonne!!!!

Email address for the blog:
If you have any questions or suggestions you can contact me(Yvonne).

Nutrition Tip by Rhonda(Mizuno Chick):
Bring your water or electrolyte drink on your long run! Running for more than an hour you should bring some sort of drink to keep you hydrated. Sometimes we end up sweating more on colder runs because we are overdressed making us lose a lot of water(sweat).

Pictures of the run to come soon:

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