Thursday, February 8, 2007

"Positively" a killer workout last night!!

Last night Recap:
A big thanks to Dave Freeze, our Guest Speaker from last night: his talk about mental toughness made us all perform amazing workouts! I think no one from the group walked away from the hill workout disappointed in their performance! Dave talked about 3 outcomes in a workout: negative, neutral or positive(this is where the group ended up)........Good Job to everyone and next week we will continue with another strength workout. Dave please come back again.....soon!

Please bring water or some sort of drink.......not beer! So many of us were exhausted after the workout and need some sore of quick rehydration. So, bring a water bottle and you can put it at the top of the hill while we do the workout, then you have something for before, during and after! So....drink, drink, drink.

Next Workout:
Feb. 10th Sat. 7am at Pioneer Park. Half Marathon: 5 miles and Full Marathon: 7 miles. This is our down week. Again, bring water bottle!!!!

Nutrition Tip:
Drink during your workouts and long runs! So simple!

This Weeks Gossip:
The "Big Kahuna's" cast came off and he is walking around pretty fast, it won't be long before he is out on some workouts with us: no slacking anymore!

Dave ran so hard on Weds. his shoe blew up and he is looking around for another: wasn't it a Nike Gel or something. We might have to let the Nike Reps know how an ex-hockey player out ran the "shoe"!

A new cute run leader will be joining us soon: the sex of the leader not to be disclosed at this time.

Until Saturday morning...........

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