Saturday, February 3, 2007

Interesting but adventurous run this am.......

So, the morning run in a nutshell: miscommunication, lost on Mt. Duffrin and cutting a new trail in knee deep snow up a steep grade! All in all everyone made it back safe to Runners Sole and good spirits were maintained!

Note: Please start bringing water(or your new IronAde electrolyte drink) and a gel(just in case) on the workouts! Some runners were starting to feel the bonk this morning!!!!!! Plus, we will be increasing our hill workouts to 4 sets in another week; therefore, we will be out longer and will need some form of energy drink.

Sat. Morning Recap:
Thanks to the New Balance Rep for letting us try the "new" MR921 trail shoe which features spikes for traction. Some of us tried them on the entire run and there was a lot of positive feedback: it was amazing how well they worked on the ice! Everyone left with some nice New Balance towels and someone won a pair of shoes!

Yvonne talked about the new "IronAde" electrolyte/carbohydrate drinks for endurance athletes that is carried at Runners Sole. However, there will be a more detailed talk on "IronAde" in the very near future, so everyone will be able to sample the products. I understand everyone loved the "IronAde ReLoad" Smoothie at the Weds. night workout: maybe there will be another smoothie party in 2 weeks once we move up to 4 sets of hills!

Next Week Guest Speaker: Dave Freeze
Mon. Feb. 5th at 6:15pm: Dave Freeze a Sports Psychologist/Multisport athlete will be speaking at Runners Sole about "Mental Toughness" while training and racing.
Weds. Feb. 7th at 6:15: Dave will coming to our hill workout and we will be applying his Mon. night talk to our workout. We will find out who the mentally weak are!!!!!

Next Workout:
Weds. Feb. 7th at 6:15: Hill workout(same as last week) starting at Runners Sole.
Sat. Feb. 10th at 7am: long run starting at Pioneer Park all on pavement(no trails). Half Marathoners: 5 miles Marathoners: 7 miles.

Please post any comments or suggestions regarding the long run today. I want to get some feedback on what people thought on the trail/snow running. You can post your comments below, just click on the "comment" link below.


Tom, Melinda & Lindsay said...

Hey Hey,
Just wanted to say thanx for the excellent run on Saturday!!! Was quite adventurous but loved the trails. Really appreciate all you leaders are doing for us. See you all Wednesday.
T, M, & L

Anonymous said...

Thanks, hopefully we can hit some more trails before spring.....if everyone is game?