Thursday, February 1, 2007


Below: Karla showing us her great form on the high knee drills for the hill workout. Her success behind her skipping is starting at such a young age.

Top Left: Guest Speaker Jennifer Cox(more on her profile below)

Left: Our youngest runner Mikayla Hammond, soon she will be kicking her Dad's butt! Actually, I think she already is!(Note: the IronAde and Reload drink behind her)

Recap of Hill Workout:
First of all, good job to everyone who came out on Weds night hill workout! It was great seeing how hard everyone was working, I was very impressed with how determined and focussed the group was. Again, excellent job! We will stick with the hill workouts for a couple more weeks before starting any speed training: it is all about strength and form in the early season.

Recap of our Guest Speaker and a Profile on her:
A big thanks and job well done to our Guest Speaker: Jennifer Cox!
Remember to look over the handout Jennifer gave us before the workout and give the exercises a try. If you have any questions give Jennifer a call or email.

About Jennifer: Not just a pretty face!
Graduated from University of Guelph with Honours in BSc. Human Kinetics and played on the Varsity Volleyball team(smart and athletic). She also is a BCAK Certified Kinesiologist and has her Level 1 first aid certificate. Jennifer leads a busy life: working part time at Runners Sole, working as a BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer, Rehabilitative Exercise Specialist and she is also training for the Vancouver Marathon in May. Wow, you guys out there are probably wondering it might be tough to get a date with her because she is so busy, well she is taken as well: sorry!
Jennifer is currently running a 6 week program for cancer survivors to promote health and fitness before, during or after their cancer treatment called "Sensational Survivors".
Please contact Jennifer if you have any questions at 250-318-1907 or

Recipie for Recovery Smoothie by Yvonne:
Milk 1%
Mixed Frozen Berries
Yogurt(any flavour)
1 scoop of IRON-ADE ReLoad(runner's carb +protein recovery drink mix, helps repenish glycogen, repair tissue, has glutamine and hydramins)---Wayne carries this product!

Blend all ingredients together: drink and enjoy. Try to have within 20-30mins after working out.

Nutritional Tip by Rhonda:
If you want to help break down lactic acid and assist with post workout/race muscle aches and pains from lactic acid, eat more pineapple. One slice of pineapple after racing or a tough interval workout will help alleiviate that lactic acid build up. You can also take Bromelain supplements (the digestive enzyme found in pineapple that helps with lactic acid build-up) during a tough workout or race to help break down lactic acid while exercising.

(add a pineapple slice to your smoothie)

Next Workout:
Sat. Feb 3 at 7am starting at Runners Sole. Full:10miles Half: 7miles

Next Guest Speaker/Topic:
Sat. Feb 3 at 7am at Runners Sole. Topic: The IronAde Products(Electrolytes and Recovery Drinks)

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