Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Excellent Workout Tonight!!!!

Run Recap:
Thank you to Stuart from New Balance for letting us Test Drive the new shoes (the 1061 and the 767). Lots of prizes from New Balance were given out. Christina our newest(fast too) group runner won a nice NB shirt!
It was great seeing everyone hard at work during the 4 minute of 5! Lets cross our fingers for warm weather, we could be at the track next week!!!!

Next Run:
Sat March 10th 7am at Ord Rd(by Dog Park). I think a lot of people are car pooling....if interested post a comment below if you are driving or need a ride. If you are unsure of the location, call the store: Wayne would love to hear from ya!

Gossip of the Week:
Jen's infatuated with Gordo's mustache

Brad left something behind in the washroom at Runners Sole....ugh!

Dave might make an appearance in running tights next week.

I hear that dude Tom can swim!!!

Kelly found her running groove tonight!

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