Saturday, January 27, 2007

Great job This "Crisp" Morning....

Another long run to put in the log book!
The Marathon Group decided to keep running: thanks to Wayne who was "WAY" off on the distance of the course. Tom, Melinda and Lindsay kept on running: They are training a race in Phoenix(they have room in the house they rented, if anyone wants to go....ha). Mandy and Tara(the "yummy mummies" of the group) kept the pace strong throughout the run. Ron just kept running behind them with a smile! Sidney and Jodie were amazing: very positive attitude gets you everywhere!!!!!
We have such a strong group of runners, I see a lot of PB's for the Vancouver Half and Marathon.....Keep up the good work!

Okay on to the Details.....

Nutrition by Rhonda:
Don't need that rice for dinner, use "Qui Noa": cooks like rice; however, it is loaded with lots of good stuff(vitamins and minerals) and it is the only grain that is a complete protein(all the essential amino acids). Try it out as a side dish or as a cold salad......Recipe by Rhonda coming soon.

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Next Workout:
Weds Jan. 31 at 6:15pm at Runners Sole.....we are going to run up and down on a hill a couple of times(so another hill workout). It is all about Strength this early in the season!


Jimmy D said...

Hey let me join.....

Jimmy D said...

I heard that the Runner sole clinic was only for runner that plan to run a 1/2 faster than 2hrs and a full faster than 4:10

Anonymous said...

hey jimmy,
come out and join us! yes, we have set a benchmark time; however, there are a few runners that are coming out that are not planning on running that fast of a half/marathon. the reason behind trying to put a time on the group: we only have a few run leaders; therefore on the long runs it is hard to keep everyone together(safety). Saying that, we are encouraging people to come out, we are looking at having a new run leader come out to accommadate everyone! Weds. night workouts are good for everyone...."group workouts"! Again, come on out!